McDonald’s brawl: Customers branded ’embarrassment’ after kicking off in huge fight

Shocking footage has emerged of a terrifying fight that took place in McDonald’s over the weekend.

The clip was shared on social media on 3 July, and reportedly takes place at an unknown location in east London at 5am.

The clip, which has already racked up over half a million views, shows two men lunging at one another in the doorway of the fast food franchise.

As they continue to throw punches, two worried people try to intervene in an attempt to pull the fighters apart.

However, as the fight is so heated, they are pushed away.

Shortly after, footage shows the horrifying moment another man proceeds to punch one of the men – which results in a separate fight emerging.

An employee of the fast food restaurant calls another member of staff over to try and calm the situation down, as he pushes the crowd away from the scene.

Multiple bystanders can be seen watching in fear, before the five men are embroiled in a series of kicks and punches at the back of the premises.

Online viewers have taken to share their disgust and reactions in the comments, with many calling the fight an ’embarrassment’.

One person commented: “Embarrassment to the badge”.

Another said: “That hair cut is a crime in itself tbh.”

While a third wrote: “Security guard sneaking out when it kicked off”.

And a fourth eagle-eyed person wrote: “Security guard sneaking out when it kicked off”.

McDonald’s and the Met Police have been contacted for comment.

This comes after only a week ago, moped drivers hit each other with helmets outside a McDonald’ s in Tooting, South London.

The awful footage shows a group of at least a dozen delivery drivers kicking and hurling helmets at each other outside the fast-food chain.

The Metropolitan Police were called to the scene around 1am, but no arrests were then made.